In addition to providing therapy, I also particularly enjoy collaborating with other Healthcare Professionals, businesses & organisations that work with parents to share knowledge & expertise. Below are a list of things I've either been involved with, or that are an up & coming event.

If you are a Healthcare Professional (e.g. a midwife), business owner, or organisation that works with parents and are open to collaborating, I'd be delighted to hear from you.

This can be in the form of Facebook/Instagram Lives, me writing blogs/segments for your Newsletters, or whatever other option fits your business/clientele.

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Facebook & Instagram lives

I am regularly asked to be a guest speaker with other professionals via Facebook/Instagram lives and we tend to focus on topics surrounding Perinatal Mental Health.

This Instagram Live was in March 2021 and focuses on the topic of Mental Health for Dad's with Gordon from @MANtenatal. Gordon's company (coolest name ever!), provide antenatal classes to Dad's to help them prepare for fatherhood.

This Instagram Live was also in March 2021 and is with Emma who is a midwife from @pbb_midwives. The Live focuses on anxiety in pregnancy, particularly in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. The first part of the video is black because I forgot to turn my camera round but I managed to sort it out eventually!

This Facebook Live took place in April 2021 where I talked about Maternal Mental Health for Jodie who runs Sunny Kids Shine. Five minutes into the video my son woke up crying and had to join me - hopefully he wasn't as distracting for you as he was for me!

In May 2021, I was invited by the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership to talk about CBT for mothers who may be experiencing mental ill health. This Live was in aid of the Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, which occurs at the beginning of May each year, and is a week of raising awareness for maternal mental illness. You can watch the video for this Live here.

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Birth companies

I have been asked to write a segment for a Newsletter for The Birth Collective who are an expert-led private company that offer birth preparation courses to new parents.

This is a really exciting opportunity because it allows me to raise awareness to new & expectant parents about anxiety and depression during the perinatal period and to talk about CBT and how it can help.

I'm really passionate about spreading the word to ensure as many parents as possible are aware of the possible emotional difficulties that can occur in parenthood & where to go if they require more support.

The newsletter is coming out this month (April 2021), so once it is published, I will post it on this page.

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