Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for new, existing & expectant mums

Supporting mums & mums-to-be with their mental health, to and through motherhood. 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (or CBT for short) is an evidence-based therapy that looks at the link between how you think, how you feel and what you do. When we are feeling low or anxious, our styles of thinking and behaviours can change and become unhelpful.

These unhelpful thoughts and behaviours may help us in the short term but can fuel the problem in the longer term by creating a vicious cycle. CBT aims to firstly help you identify your own vicious cycle(s) that are negatively impacting your life at the moment, and then to provide you with strategies to break these cycles so that you feel better emotionally in the here and now.

CBT can provide you with life-long skills so that once therapy is finished, you will be able to self-manage your difficulties well into the future.

What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)?

What Happens in my CBT treatment sessions?

Treatment sessions last up to an hour and are conducted either in person, or remotely via Zoom, or over the telephone (whichever you feel most comfortable with).

Our appointments are generally offered on a weekly basis.  You will learn strategies that you can use to make changes to your thoughts and behaviours in order to work toward your treatment goals.

At the end of each session, we will agree a ‘homework’ or ‘skills practice’ exercise which will allow you to put into practice the skills learnt in the session.

The goal of CBT is to teach you how to become your own therapist so you can go on to self-manage your symptoms. The more you can practice outside of therapy, the more likely you will be able to independently manage your symptoms going forward into your future.

If your emotional difficulties started roughly within the last year, it is likely you will need around 6-12 sessions.

However, if you have experienced your difficulties for a longer time frame, it is likely you will need more appointments to work through and make the changes needed to see the desired effect (likely up to 20 sessions).

Some of my clients like to have ongoing emotional support throughout their pregnancies and in the postnatal period at a frequency that suits them. For some, this is weekly appointments. For others, it is once a fortnight or once a month. Appointments tend to focus on how they have been getting on, and to work through any potential setbacks that may have cropped up.

I am always happy to be led by you in what support you need, and how often.

How many sessions will I receive?


Do you want to;

  • Boost your confidence & self-esteem
  • Overcome excessive worrying/anxiety
  • Work on unrealistic high standards/perfectionism
  • Manage low mood
  • Find ways to feel calmer in your pregnancy
  • Learn to spot, challenge & change self-critical thinking
  • Improve on your self-compassion
  • Adapt to the physical changes that come with having a baby
  • Manage distressing intrusive thoughts
  • Enhance the quality of your relationships & home-life
  • Improve sleeping habits
  • Identify and change unhelpful eating patterns and the beliefs behind them
  • Enhance your social life by helping you get back to doing things you may have stopped or reduced
  • Process & move on from distressing thoughts/memories from a difficult pregnancy/birth experience
  • Be able to manage panic attacks so they aren't controlling your life
  • Be able to leave the house without excessive anxiety or fear that something awful will happen

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, why not book your FREE consultation and we can chat further? A consultation gives us a chance to talk about what you are struggling with and I can tell you about how a therapy like CBT can help.

There is no obligation to go ahead after your consultation so please don't feel pressured if for whatever reason it doesn't feel quite right.

Pregnancy & Postnatal Wellbeing Session

A one-to-one antenatal class for your mental health

So, you're pregnant - congratulations! There is lots of stuff to buy and things to prepare for.

You may have already bought your baby's first pram! You may have even decorated his or her nursery in preparation for their arrival.

But have you considered preparing for your own emotional health and wellbeing throughout your pregnancy and in the postnatal period?

If a mothers emotional health is in good shape, she and her whole family will benefit. That is why I am offering this one-off antenatal session to help you emotionally prepare for your new arrival.

Do you feel equipped to recognise the emotional challenges that can occur during pregnancy through to motherhood?

Many mothers wish they felt more prepared for this, and given that statistics currently predict 10-15% of mothers will experience anxiety and/or depression during pregnancy and after birth, it is such an important factor to consider.

Other mothers/mother-to-be, already have a history of anxiety and/or depression and may feel anxious about things deteriorating during pregnancy or after birth.

This one-to-one session is an antenatal class for your mental health and is personalised to you. The main focus is on helping you to spot when your mental health may be starting to slip and what you support is available to you, should you need it.

The session is a one-off session that is conducted either in person in the MK3 area, or on Zoom. It covers:

  • A summary of what care and support you should be offered for perinatal mental illness
  • Signs and symptoms of common mental health problems, such as Perinatal OCD, Birth Trauma, Tokophobia (fear of childbirth), Health Anxiety, Social Anxiety & Ante/Postnatal Depression
  • The psychological treatments available to you on the NHS and privately
  • How CBT can help you manage symptoms of anxiety & depression
  • Medication for mental health difficulties in pregnancy and postnatally
  • What peer support you can access
  • My top self-care tips for you as you enter your journey into parenthood

The session lasts approximately one hour & costs £30. 

As an introductory offer, I am offering a 50% DISCOUNT on this session until midnight on 31st October 2021!

If you are interested, contact me on the button below and I will be in touch to agree a mutually convenient date and time.

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