Frequently ASked Questions

The initial consultation is free of charge and is an opportunity for us to discuss your current situation.  We will use the time to try and summarise your main issues and consider goals for your treatment.

A consultation is for us both to determine whether CBT is appropriate for you. In some cases, we may agree that CBT is not the most suitable treatment. We will discuss the reasons why and I will try and suggest other services or treatments that may be more suitable. The consultation is also a chance for you to see whether I am the right therapist for you, therefore, there is no obligation for you to have your treatment with me.

No absolutely not. After your consultation, there may be lots of reasons why you decide not to go ahead. It may be that you don't feel I am the right therapist to help you, it may not feel like the right time for you to have therapy, or it could be that CBT doesn't feel quite right. 

You may want to have a consultation with another therapist, and this is OK! You are about to invest in yourself and you want to ensure you have found someone who you click with, that gets you and that makes you feel hopeful that they can help you. 

Each session after your free consultation lasts for up to an hour and costs £80. 

Payments must be made via BACS before the session can take place.

If payment is not received 24 hours before the session, I can only assume you do not require the appointment and the session will not go ahead. 

If you cancel a session in advance, we can re-arrange this, however short-term cancellations (i.e. less than 24 hours before your appointment time) will be charged at half the rate of a full session (£40). The reason for this is appointments cannot be rebooked at such short notice. As a result, we cannot book a new appointment in until the missed appointment has been paid for.

Yes of course - you can stop treatment at any time if you do not feel that you wish to engage in it for any reason. CBT is a collaborative therapy, so it will need to you to be involved in each session and the ‘homework’ for it to be effective.  If you do not feel that this is a good time to engage in regular sessions, and the required homework, it would be recommended that you access treatment at a time when you can do this to get the full therapeutic benefit of CBT.

It is possible to contact me between sessions however please be aware that I am not able to respond immediately:


Mobile: 07515 545181

Please also be aware, I am not a crisis service so if you find yourself really struggling to cope, the best support for you at this time would be the Samaritans on 116 123, you can call NHS 111, call your GP, or attend your local A&E department. 

Yes - I only work remotely so your appointments would all be either over the telephone or over Zoom (or a mixture of both), whichever feels more suitable for you. There is lots of evidence that online therapy can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy. 

I've written a blog on this if you wanted to read more, click here. 

CBT is great if you want to make sense of what may be driving your current symptoms of anxiety and/or low mood and learn practical ways to work through them. 

If you are looking to play an active role in your therapy, with us both putting our heads together to think about how we can help you move forward, then CBT is right for you.

CBT is more "doing," than "talking," so if you want to focus more on making changes and practising new things, then you should benefit from it. 

Client Testimonials

Laura Hans Logo Leaf 500w

Laura was incredible. I felt listened to and valued. She made me realise it was ok to just feel and not every feeling has to be actioned. 

Laura Hans Logo Leaf 500w

I felt totally at ease with Laura, enabling me to express my anxiety. The coping techniques, although simple, work amazingly well and I feel confident they will help in the future. 

Laura Hans Logo Leaf 500w

I always felt that I was listened to and taken seriously, and Laura always made the effort to understand me and make sure I understood what she was showing me. She helped me to improve my condition a lot, and gave me the tools to continue improving in the future. 

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