How To Support Someone In The Fourth Trimester

When I had my children I had no idea what ‘The Fourth Trimester’ was but learning about it has been so important for me and my clients. And I hope it will be as affirming for you too. The fourth trimester, which is first three months post-pregnancy, is such a significant time for mother and child to bond and adjust to their new roles.

What I know to be true is the need for emotional and practical support in the fourth trimester and in this episode I share my gentle approach to dealing with postnatal recovery in the hopes it will help you in your journey. Let me know what you think 🙂

Episode highlights:

00:30 Understanding the Importance of the Fourth Trimester

03:29 The Impact of the Fourth Trimester on the Family

05:13 How to Support Someone in the Fourth Trimester

09:26 Practical Ways to Support New Parents

12:17 The Importance of Rest in the Fourth Trimester

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