Understanding Mum Rage

Today’s episode is all about the concept of ‘mum rage,’ which is characterised by intense, often inexplicable anger experienced by mothers. I unpack the two typical primary reasons behind mum rage: unmet needs and triggers of past experiences.

Unmet needs can stem from the demands of childcare, work, and household management, leading to feelings of depletion and isolation. Conversely, certain situations in motherhood might reactivate unresolved feelings from the your past, intensifying your emotional response. I hope this sheds light on the importance of recognising the roots of mum rage, addressing unmet needs through support and delegation, and exploring therapeutic options for processing past traumas.

Episode highlights:

05:17 The Impact of Social Support and Modern Motherhood

08:28 Workplace Challenges for Mothers

10:51 The Emotional Toll of Motherhood and Strategies for Coping

18:52 Identifying and Managing Triggers of Mum Rage

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