The Impact of Childhood Trauma on Motherhood

In this podcast episode, Joyella shares her journey through new motherhood, deeply influenced by her own experiences of being parented and her childhood trauma. She recounts the challenges of being raised by a young, single mother with limited support and how this has shaped her approach to parenting her two-year-old son differently.

We talked about the complexities of managing and understanding our own triggers, the process of self-awareness and healing, and how Joyella navigates maintaining a relationship with her mother now.

I’m really passionate about understanding intergenerational trauma so this episode is a beautiful example of how we can experience trauma and work through it for ourselves and our children.

Episode highlights:

02:01 Joyella’s Childhood and Its Impact

04:24 Differences in Parenting Between Siblings

12:17 Navigating Motherhood with a Traumatic Past

17:59 Strategies for Managing Parental Triggers

20:40 The Importance of Rupture and Repair in Parenting

25:10 Reflecting on Intergenerational Trauma

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