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What is Complex PTSD?

What is Complex PTSD? The term Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or CPTSD) describes a set of symptoms seen in many clients with a background of extensive abuse and neglect. The condition has also been called ‘a disorder of extreme stress’.  According to research, the condition is often characterised by significant attachment disorder, dissociative personality, […]

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The Self-Soothing Series - Using Your Imagination

The Self-Soothing Series – Using Your Imagination

I’m back with another instalment of the self-soothing series in which I share tools and strategies to support you when you become emotionally dysregulated. Today, we’re focussing on the power of imagination. As well as self-soothing, this exercise can help you connect with your inner wisdom, kindness and compassion. Some of us already have these

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What is PTSD?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can occur at any age. It usually begins within the first three months following a traumatic event. However, some people can experience what is known as Delayed Onset PTSD. This means they may not develop PTSD symptoms for months, even years, after the trauma occurred. What Is PTSD? In diagnostic terms,

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Can Childhood Adversity Cause Anxiety?

What Are Adverse Childhood Experiences? I was asked recently whether childhood adversity can contribute to problems with anxiety in adulthood, so this blog will summarise my thoughts based on my clinical experience and knowledge from academic study. The short answer is yes. We know that adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s), such as your parents separating, witnessing

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